(Apr 30, 2012) During David Condon’s successful campaign for the Mayor of Spokane, he prominently displayed yard signs with “non-partisan” written on them.

That was brash for David Condon, a person who is the ex-Depute Chief of Staff for one of the most partisan members of Congress.  I am of course speaking of the fact that Condon is ex-staff for Republican Congresswomen Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

This website was set up as a 2011 election year site in response to his claim of non-partisanship.  Condon  now has a chance to prove our claims wrong that he is a partisan.

Partisan Challenges for David Condon

There are some issues coming up that tend to cleave right down party lines.  These include marriage equality and fees and taxes on the poor vs.  fees and taxes on the rich.  What position will Condon take on these?

Along with Ben Stuckart and others, David Condon has come out in favor  of some types of police reform.  That set of issues probably does gather more Democratic support.  However, it does get significant Republican support as well.

While Condon deserves a bit of credit for that, police reform is a rather low hurdle to establish one’s non-partisan credentials.

It is still Condon’s move.

(Photo Credit to http://andtheyareoff.wordpress.com/)